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Casa Piccoli is located in the central region of the Municipality of Feliz, in Vale do Caí, at the foot of Serra Gaúcha. A town of predominantly German colonisation, it has already been identified as the most egalitarian city, the most literate and with the best quality of life in Brazil. In fact, the city is very pleasant, and everyone who visits it leaves with good impressions. One of its striking features is the presence of historical architecture and exuberant landscape. One of these historic houses is Casa Piccoli. Built in 1930 to be the family residence, the building now houses the Café LAGOM, a mixture of café and bookshop, where the proposal is to have the ambience that few places can give to their products and brands, because they add the affective relationships that history has built throughout its existence with all who have lived there directly or indirectly. Casa Piccoli offers internal and external space for rent for photographic essays, advertising pieces, book launches, workshops for lovers of the most widely consumed beverage in the world, coffee, and everything else that your imagination allows.

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